Bitcoin Is Very Cheap Based on Its Intrinsic Value as Default Insurance on a Basket of Fiats

Greg Foss has something to say about bitcoin. BTC is very cheap based on its INTRINSIC value as default insurance on a basket of Fiats. This is one valuation methodology using CDS on Sovereigns. My research Get your bitcoin here.

Did the Bitcoin Drop Boost Golds Appeal?

Looks like it. While BTC was aggressively down last month, physical gold ETF’s experienced their strongest month since September 2020. Investors’ appetite for gold increased as they assessed higher inflation and a major price crash in the Bitcoin market. Read the entire article here Invest in gold here.

Goldbugs vs Bitcoiners

There’s been a lot of debate between goldbugs and bitcoiners. I’ve watched a couple of videos, one with Michael Saylor, one with Robert Kiyosaki. We’ve had a nice talk on Twitter on this thread: Stanley Druckenmiller, legendary investor, on #Bitcoin Atom: “the way I’v always looked at gold”. More and Read more…

Are Big Institutional Players Exiting Crypto and Turning to Gold?

The news announced that: Reversal of money flows: Big institutional players exit crypto and turn to gold, says JPMorgan. It might make sense for investors to shy away from the volatility of Bitcoin. But here’s another argument: You’ll often see charts from Weimar Germany of gold priced in the Read more…