The End of Cash (2025) from Trader University.

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My thoughts:

This video analysis is basically spot on. It’s not a conspiracy theory, these are actual interbank reports from the IMF. We lived through capital controls in both Greece and Cyprus, people’s money was stolen by the banks, and we’re seeing this exact shift to cashless transactions. Now, Covid has helped a lot in this adoption, but it had started a while ago. There are some tax benefits if you use your debit card to pay when you shop, which means every single store has to get a POS service to make debit/credit card transactions. That’s not inherently bad, since it’s good business to give out as many payment options as possible, but the way it is done is suspicious.

Basically in Greece we have huge amounts of tax evasion, so they tried to lessen that by making people always ask for payment receipts. Now senior citizens and pensioners have some tiny tax return when they use debit cards to buy their groceries and general expenses, so they are actually starting to use them despite their tech ignorance. Basically it’s what the video says about negative interest rates being shifted and penalizing people for using cash.

It’s pure Keynesian economics, neoliberal economists trying to suck out the wealth of the people. They’ve convinced the world that Greeks are lazy, Greece got fucked after the American mortgage crisis that dominoed into our country, and recently they’ve convinced the government that we need to borrow money to pay off the IMF, selling off every little bit of our country’s wealth, ports, gas pipes, oil.

Bitcoin may be a lifeboat against all that.



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