I discovered Meet Kevin through Andrej Jikh’s channel. And they have a streaming chat where 4 financial youtubers discuss various investments, bitcoin, stocks, even shooting the shit. But it’s funny when the discussion devolves into absolute denial of inflation by this guy.

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I can’t wait for his stocks to crash.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I harbour no ill will against the man, in fact I like his videos and have watched some of his content with sincere interest. But in every single one, the Keynesian crap has infected his entire way of thinking. He literally teaches people in his courses to delay taxes for later in life and not bother with it. And this happens to a lot of young men, especially in countries like in America and Europe where they think the bull run will never end, the stock market will go up forever, Tesla to the moon and Mars, and all that other financial insanity.

No, just no.

Watch his videos, look carefully how he himself does the math and goes through the numbers, makes a near perfect prediction and at the end he still fails to come to the obvious conclusion that the stock market is in a bubble and it’s gonna pop. I think he has about 22 million USD in stocks, many of them in Tesla, and he’s leveraged in credit for it through banks. He’s living high, massive Youtube income, massive gains in stocks, multiple Tesla cars, properties, living large. His time preference is as high as it gets. And he thinks it’ll never end.


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