I don’t pretend to know much about gold. In fact, I’m learning in the open right here on this blog.

I received a newsletter from zerohedge.com that basically reads as follows:

Sharp Gold Investors Will Saddle Up For What Could Be A Wild Ride Higher

Investors who focused on huge gains made by lithium stocks, and bitcoin are missing the start of the next sector that’s set to go to the races and generate headline making gains…

Because gold is heating up again, and when that happens the sector’s legendary stock returns come to junior gold explorers.

The reason is simple; their stocks trade at ultra-low prices and then ‘eureka’ they strike gold. A deeper look into the sector reveals one junior explorer that could be set to go on a tear.

It’s a classic setup.

This company’s flagship project is located in the USA about a tennis ball’s throw away from Nevada Gold Mine’s mega gold project. That’s a joint venture between Barrick Gold and Newmont Gold, the world’s two largest gold producers.

The behemoth venture is expected to produce 2.1 to 2.25 million ounces of gold this year alone.

And they sit on the same trend.

Plus, the company just released a critical report revealing they control a lot more gold than originally estimated: a ‘measured and indicated’ resource of 537,000 ounces of gold and inferred resource of 147,300 ounces near the surface, and another inferred resource of 796,200 ounces further underground.

This is 500,000 more ounces of gold than the company originally estimated, a total of 1.5 million ounces.

For a small exploration company, currently valued at only $15 million and selling for less than 50 cents per share, a discovery like this could represent potential windfall profits for investors.

That’s why you want to go HERE to read more about what could be 2021’s best junior gold opportunity. https://markettactic.com/who-needs-bitcoin-gold-mining-stocks-have-outperformed-bitcoin-by-as-much-as-4-to-1/4508890/

And then they link that article. Which is weird, because it’s from January and there has been a significant rise in the price of bitcoin, but whatever.

The actual arguments in the article are valid.

Plus, unlike the “here today, gone tomorrow” vaporware profits of cryptocurrencies, the gains in gold stocks are tied to a real physical asset – tons of gold metal being extracted from the earth.

IN SHORT: If you’re looking for big potential gains, they are more likely to be found in small gold mining shares than in cryptocurrencies. The profits can be just as staggering in some cases… and they don’t tend to disappear overnight the way cryptocurrency profits can.

Why Now is the Time to Invest in Gold Mining Shares
The price of gold went up by 20% in 2020, hitting $2,000 per ounce – and some mining shares took off.

How to Choose a Gold Stock to Invest In?


First, investing in large mining conglomerates, such as Barrick Gold11, Newmont Mining12, AngloGold Ashanti13 or Kinross14. These billion-dollar conglomerates have done well over the past five years, earning on average 20% to 35% a year.

The second way is to go for the big gains with junior gold exploration companies – much smaller companies with mining rights in gold-rich areas and that are beginning to drill. These can be speculative investments, yet the potential returns, as we have seen, can also be staggering.

For example, one junior gold exploration company that is catching the attention of investors due to its “dream location” is Golden Independence (OTC: GIDMF, CSE: IGLD)

My 2 cents:

One gold stock you might also want to consider is Eldorado Gold. ELD stock ticker, I found it available at Degiro. It’s operating the new gold mine in Greece, at Skouries.

“Skouries is a high-grade gold-copper porphyry deposit located in the Halkidiki Peninsula in northern Greece. It will operate as an open pit and underground mine for about nine years, followed by approximately 15 years of underground mining.”


As always, this is not financial advice. I just found the information in that article to be quite interesting. The arguments against bitcoin are rather thin, and bitcoin will prove again and again its antifragility. I know it’s too soon to believe that, but it’ll happen. As for gold, there are those who argue that investing in paper assets is pointless. You might as well invest in bitcoin. But should you do want to invest in gold stocks, you can use these stock companies to make an account today.

Between those three you should be able to get access to all those stocks suggested in the article.

Unless you want to stick with physical gold, which you can get here.



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