Better backup for your Bitcoin

Getting bitcoin is easy – holding on to it is trickier. Even with a hardware wallet, offline paper backups can be a single point of failure. SatoshiLabs created Shamir backup to offer better offline security, with an open standard that recovers wallets from multiple shares.

What’s special about Shamir backup?

The Shamir HODL Pack lets you make distributed backups for stronger security with Shamir backup. 

This robust, disaster-resistant bundle includes a Trezor Model T and 5 stainless-steel Cryptosteel capsules. Compact and easy to hide, the capsules are made specifically for storing wallet recovery seeds like Shamir and will survive years left in damp, dirty or otherwise unfavorable environments.

Using Shamir backup, wallets are recovered only if a certain number of shares are present. By hiding each share separately, you prevent anyone else from accessing your funds if they find your secure storage place. 

How to use the Shamir HODL Pack 

With the included Trezor Model T hardware wallet, generate a unique set of up to 16 shares and choose a recovery threshold of one share or more. This bundle is best used with a total of five shares and a recovery threshold of three, meaning two seeds could be compromised without affecting security.

Transferring the shares from your wallet to the capsules is an easy process: stack letter tiles containing the first four unique letters of each word, in sequence, onto the threaded metal core, then screw on the metal cap and hide it on its own somewhere only you can access. 

To recover your wallet, you’ll only need to gather together the same number of capsules you set as a share threshold – usually three. Open the capsule and read the words directly from the core – there’s no need to take the capsule apart completely. Thanks to the recovery threshold, some shares can be stored far away and others kept in closer proximity.

Upgrade your security with the Shamir HODL Pack and make sure your funds are safe for the future.

Shamir HODL Pack

• Resilient and secure
• Trezor Model T
• 5 Cryptosteel Capsules

Buy now directly from Trezor (Never order a bitcoin hardware wallet from a reseller, it might be tampered.)

Watch this simple video to learn more about how Shamir Backup works:

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Buy now directly from Trezor (Never order a bitcoin hardware wallet from a reseller, it might be tampered.)



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