I mentioned that I ordered a Raspberry Pi node. Specifically this one from Fulmo https://shop.fulmo.org/product/raspiblitz-v1-6-2-golden-heatsink-case/?attribute_ram=8GB&attribute_presynched-blockchain=No

RaspiBlitz. Not the one with the case, which has a fan and maybe I should have gone for that, but I really liked the golden heatsink on the other one.

I chose Fulmo because they’re a German company, meaning European. I tend to shy away from US products when there’s a professional alternative in Europe. Plus, since it’s a physical product, why pay a ton of shipping for it, right? Fulmo is not just a company that wants to sell you a node and be done with it. They’re idealistic to a fault. I’m no sheep to follow the movement but it’s nice to see the enthusiasm behind it. It’s open source, so people smarter than me have poked and prodded the code and made sure it works. Also, open source keeps a project accountable if they dare shift their priorities in the future.

Fulmo also organizes Bitcoin Lightning seminars and conventions. I noticed a virtual one mentioned on their twitter. This means that they’re actively trying to improve the product, the Lightning network, increase awareness, all that stuff. It’s not just a company that offers a piece of kit. No, their kit actually has instructions for you to make one on your own, completely defeating the monetary purpose. There are actual instructions how to make your own RaspiBlitz independently by buying your own hardware and running their open-source code. This means that they’re committed to the bitcoin cause. They understand the network effect and they see that more nodes means a better network for Bitcoin globally. And if they lose a sale here and there, who cares? It’s yet another node, it hardens the network, it makes their bitcoins more secure.

I haven’t received mine yet but you can scratch your itch by reading this and watching the unboxing here https://bitcoin-takeover.com/unboxing-review-fulmo-raspiblitz-hyperbitcoinized-2021-calendar/

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