A Greek-American acquaintance of mine shared this article as if it was an epiphany. https://www.profgalloway.com/threats/

Basically, professor Galloway boils down the threats to America in three general categories:

  • Virgins, e.g. incels grabbing machine guns and killing people. That’s due to the evil dating apps that leave them with their dicks in their hands and making them misogynistic and bitter, polarizing them in online communities.
  • Crypto vs USD dominance. The threat of the upcoming Bitcoin Standard to the Dollar Fiat Standard.
  • Obesity and the pandemic, which causes a feedback loop of more obesity and more deaths.

Here’s a non-specific list of quotes from this emetic article:

The U.S. has survived for 250 years in part because its leaders have worried about, fortified against, and repelled a wide range of emerging threats. Many threats are obvious and popularly understood; however, many others are self-inflicted, uncomfortable to acknowledge, or come hidden under the guise of opportunity. These threats can register the greatest damage, as fewer defensive measures have been taken against them. In sum, it’s productive to worry about things that others (e.g., the media, colleagues) do not.

The United States government plays a vital role in world security and economic prosperity. Large-scale criminal enterprises, extremist terror organizations, rogue nations such as North Korea, and authoritarian powers like China and Russia seek to undermine the American way of life. [(Fuck you Galloway)]

The dollar is already structurally challenged: It accounts for 59 percent of global foreign exchange reserves but only an estimated 16 percent of global GDP. That would be hard to sustain under any circumstances, but now, the U.S. is accelerating its long-running debasement of the once “all-mighty dollar” in a misguided attempt to prop up the shareholder class during the pandemic.

As John Connally Jr., Richard Nixon’s treasury secretary, put it in 1971, “the dollar is our currency, but it is your [every other nation’s] problem.” Today, apparently infinite quantitative easing (printing money) is our problem … and it is bitcoin’s opportunity. Cryptocurrency, sitting at a $2T market capitalization, is no threat to the dollar today, but the trends are not favorable.

Should bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies usurp the scarcity credibility of major currencies and emerge as the dominant form of money, the dollar — and the role it plays in world stability — would be drastically undermined. Widespread use of currencies that evade the existing financial system could blind U.S. authorities to tax fraud, sanctions evasion, and other criminal conduct. Indeed, it would degrade the ability of governments across all democracies to collect taxes and enforce financial laws.

It is fashionable in crypto communities to celebrate the potential impact on USD hegemony. This is a short-sighted, liberterian-esque screed whose loudest barkers are often the greatest beneficiaries of our economy, and who are using their influence to drive history’s greatest pump-and-dump. Crypto offers great possibility, but not all of those possibilities are good for the commonwealth.

Democracies lose when the wealthy evade taxes, or when organized crime can easily move and store capital. A decentralized financial system runs the risk of neutering enforcement. U.S. adversaries have a vested interest in the success of any technology whose success may come at the cost of the USD. China has announced a state-sponsored cryptocurrency (AKA Big Brother Coin) and India may be the swing vote to determine whether cryptocurrencies or the Yuan will reign supreme on the global stage.

The velvet glove of U.S. values surrounding our unrivaled ability to deliver force (globally) is our nation’s most fearsome legionnaire. USD primacy is a close second. Indeed, they are codependent — anything that threatens both must be better understood.

Scott Galloway @profgalloway

I can’t even begin to argue on the points he makes. The US-centric view of the world is disgusting. It’s as if the entire world cannot function properly without the USD and the American meddling. No wonder we’re all trying to kick them out.

I do agree on the obesity epidemic, which compounds the covid epidemic. It’s exactly what Saifedean Ammous says about the carnivore diet. While I do not agree on such extreme dieting habits, I do think that he’s right about fiat food and how it degrades physical and mental health.

As for the first part, let me be clear: The rest of the world thinks you’re crazy, America. People do not own machine guns and use them to gun down kids in schools. They simply do not. If that happens, it’s insane. If that happens regularly, it is beyond insane. There’s something deeply flawed with you.

The article clearly demonstrates how propaganda can help governments limit civil liberties and keep a diseased population running while they abuse them and everyone else. The “threats,” as in vague external and internal threats that are out there and inside like boogeymen are simply an excuse for more extreme measures that get passed on with no arguments from a mentally-bogged population. But hey, marijuana is legal now! Go smoke some while you get the munchies, eat junk food and watch Netflix.

So, yeah. He’s right. These are definitely threats to the US. We’ll cheer on as they take you down.



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