A compilation of resources by calle on twitter:

Here is a list of resources that I found helpful when setting up and managing my Lightning Network node.

Finding good nodes to connect to can be hard. Lightning Node Match uses some basic network analysis to tell you which other nodes will improve the connectivity of yours when connected to. https://moneni.com/nodematch

LN Nodes Insight is similar in that it can simulate how your for example your network centrality changes when you connect to a specific node. Nice to have! https://lnnodeinsight.com

LNRouter by @SeverinAlexB is a great (paid!) analysis tool that can give you hints on how to optimize your channels. Unfortunately, the “probe routes” function isn’t free anymore but the “get route” still is. https://lnrouter.app/get-route

This one is already a classic! @BTC_LN helps you find other plebs to organize ring of fires, i.e, small subnetworks that are fully connected and balanced. Great way to get inbound liquidity for free. Try it, it’s like Tinder for Lightning nodes! https://lightningnetwork.plus

@lnbig_com was my first inbound liquidity and I found it perfect for starting off. You pay a relatively small amount (3k sat) and it opens a ~1M sat channel to you. That means you buy liquidity from this big guy! https://lnbig.com

Someones you need to get on-chain coins quickly, or vice versa, you want to convert on-chain to Lightning without having to open a channel. Use @Boltzhq always, every day, build apps for it, use their API. They are effing amazing! And it’s anonymous. https://boltz.exchange

Pool from @Lightning Labs is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows node operators to get inbound liquidity from other node operators. Non-custodial. It’s genius. https://lightning.engineering/pool

Also from @Lightning Labs: Loop. You can use it to “Loop out” (Lightning to On-Chain) or “Loop in” (On-chain to Lightning). https://lightning.engineering/loop

Terminal Web also gives you hints on how to optimize your channels but it only does so when you’re already a big-enough fish. That’s why it comes off as a bit exclusive but I guess the reason is the amount of data necessary for good recommendations. https://terminal.lightning.engineering

Ok, time for advanced stuff. Consider installing circuitbreaker which is like a firewall for your lightning node which prevents it from being flooded with htlcs. Do it.

This tool allows you to automatically adjust your channel fees depending on their balance and state. That way, you can nudge your channels such that they tend to rebalance automatically by setting higher or lower fees

Last but not least, @alexbosworth‘s Balance of Satoshis. I think this one doesn’t need much explaining but it’s basically a tool that help you will all kinds of stuff, specifically useful for rebalancing channels!

I’m sure that there are many more resources that I haven’t included here. You can share them below if you think they’re useful! I’m just at the beginning of this journey, so please feel free to correct any mistakes I’ve made. Thanks to the Plebnet for helping out noobs like me!



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