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“Why it’s INEVITABLE that #Bitcoin will win”

Someone, who isn’t too financially literate but fairly smart, sent me a text asking about shitcoins

My reply is below

Note: # of people spreading this message is growing exponentially

Nobody can’t stop this



The longer the time frame, the more your dollar gets devalued to nothing.

$20 used to buy you a cart of groceries. So, if you held on to your $20, over time, it has been debased by at least 90%; and eventually it’ll be debased to 99.9999%


So, the lines between saving & investing have been intentionally blurred by our hyper-financialized fiat system

You can’t save in dollars

At the same time, if you wisely invest & grow your money, you get punished in the form of income, property & eventual wealth taxes


#BTC fixes this

It allows EVERYONE the ability to;

-take sovereign control of their monetary power

-save their money (that they traded their time/talent for); & store it in hard & monetary energy

#Bitcoin is engineered to act as the antithesis of expanding inflation


The FED has bailed out too many companies & owns too many equities

If they attempt to stop printing money, raise long term interest rates, or dial back spending, they only devalue the assets that are backing the dollar (which allow them to pay out those rates)


If they devalue to the assets backing the dollar, they can’t pay out the raised interest rates on the bonds. Then, the economy collapses.

Raising rates used to be possible to keep inflation in check when the dollar’s value that didn’t SURVIVE ON rapid inflation


The dollar is now so toxic that more & more toxicity (more printing) is the only way forward.

It is now a debt bomb that relies on the printing of money & injecting more cash into the system (to keep the bomb from exploding).

It’s a Ponzi scheme with no insurance.


The solution is bitcoin

Eventually people & businesses (even central banks) will begin to see this over them; as it becomes more obvious to them they need it to survive.

#Bitcoin is the ark against an impending money flood. And, it’s pouring cash.


Bitcoin is engineered to act as the trust-less enemy of mass inflation & its the only solution that can’t be screwed with at will by a central banks

Shiba,doge,ETH,Safemoon, cumrocket..fix NOTHING

They make unsuspecting people dumb & make others forget what #Bitcoin is


#bitcoin is rapidly becoming the biggest global brand in the world all without a marketing department or a social media algo to artificially create false demand.

It’s the purest form of technological innovation for good…in a world where it’s been used for EVIL



This was is my message to them


The number of people spreading this same fundamental message & educating the world about #bitcoin is growing exponentially.

NOBODY can’t stop it

THAT is why #bitcoin will win




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