Croesus, a well-known writer in the Bitcoin community (I didn’t know he existed when I decided on this name but it’s okay, we kept the original Greek spelling) has written this excellent article that sheds some light in the matter.

If you dismiss yuppies, in this regard, you shouldn’t. Yuppies are what drove the blockchain/cryptocurrency/buzzword craze of the ICO era, startups and entrepreneurs and early adopters. Yuppies are extreme early adopters, you might remember Gordon Gekko from the original Wall Street movie having gadgets that were cutting-edge for that time.

Same way they should be jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon, but for some reason, they simply don’t. These people are NOT stupid. Croesus nails the issue in this article. https://www.citadel21.com/why-the-yuppie-elite-dismiss-bitcoin



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