TradingView is one of the best tools for traders out there. The free features are more than enough, even overwhelming for newbies. The pro features are, well, pro.

They recently announced that they have a scale in Satoshis.

Introducing the ​Satoshi All Time History Index

Party popper

Satoshis, or sats, are the smallest unit of #Bitcoin Our new index let’s anyone chart, follow, and analyze Satoshis with price data going back to 2010.

To get started, type SATSUSD into the search box. You can almost bookmark or share the Satoshi All Time History Index here:

Why is this important?

Bitcoin twitter has been having fun with promoting SATs as a lucrative opportunity, the same way shitcoins promote spam themselves on social media. And while it might be the American brain’s inability to measure in the metric system, they do have a point there: Satoshis will be the unit of measurement.

The quicker you get started thinking in satoshis the better for you.

I’ve written a couple of tips to start thinking in sats, and the Satoshi All Time History Index is one more.

Start stacking sats and thinking in them.



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