I just got an email announcing the integration of IFTTT applets for Coinbase. In case you don’t know, IFTTT (If This Then That) are simple commands that can help you automate plenty of things you do online, like having your twitter post crossposted on your Facebook page, for example, or notifying everyone when you upload a new youtube video. Stuff like that.

IFTTT is quite simple to use and works fine most of the time. Applets tend to break and disconnect. Then again, it is free, and the other options are far too expensive, so you can deal with the discomfort of reconnecting them every couple of months if it means you’ll save on a few sats.

The major problem is that you can’t really program anything, if there’s an applet for what you want to do, then you’re cool. If there isn’t, there isn’t much to do.

The following applets are now available for Coinbase and I expect a lot more to come:

Enable the self explanatory “Get an email when Coinbase publishes a new applet” to get more. The others might be useful if you stick to Coinbase, so you can keep track of your orders. Duh…

That’s all I know. Join Coinbase for 8 euros of free bitcoin from this link and visit IFTTT.com to play around with stuff.



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