Celsius launched their web app, here’s the video:

To be honest, it’s best to use the app to finish your account’s registration first, using the phone’s camera etc. But then you can switch to the desktop!

Note: This is not financial advice. You should consult your accountant or your financial advisor for any decisions you make.

You can borrow against your Bitcoin without selling at 1% APR and 25% LTV.

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If you don’t want to borrow, you can just park it there and earn up to 4.40% APR on Bitcoin. Stack sats just by hodling!

How to access the web app:

In order to access the new Celsius web app, you must have a verified Celsius account that has passed KYC.

  1. From your web browser, go to https://app.celsius.network 
  2. Log in using the same method and credentials as your Celsius mobile account 
  3. Enter your 2FA or PIN code 
  4. You’re in! 🥳

Join now through this link and earn $40 worth of sats to begin with.



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