The biggest misconception surrounding Bitcoin newbies is the idea that they’re too late to buy a whole bitcoin. At the point of writing this it costs over 50.000 euro, so I totally understand what you’re feeling.

But you have to understand that this is a unit bias. We humans tend to think in units of ownership, one house, one car, one stock etc. We never think about 2/3rds of a car or 1/4th of a home or 1/100th of a stock. The reality is that in this new world of ours, fractional ownership is happening. People can own 2/3rds of a professional-use car e.g. a taxi or a van, people can inherit 1/4th of a home from their parents to four siblings, and people can just go to Revolut and buy a fractional Tesla stock for 8 euros instead of paying the full amount.

Same goes with bitcoin. In fact, as the price of bitcoin goes higher and higher, it becomes less likely for anyone to own a full bitcoin at some point. It’s more likely to own some satoshis, which is the lowest unit measured in 10.000.000. So, go ahead and buy whatever amount you might have available to invest. It might be something like 4000 sats, or 10.000, or 200.000 if you wanna put in something around 100 euro. It’s your call. Yes, there are fees, and yes, you should ideally invest in larger chunks of money to mitigate them, but you gotta start somewhere and owning a couple thousand satoshis puts you into a much better position than the one you were before, which was no bitcoin at all.

Head on over to Binance and start with as low as 15 USD. Start stacking sats and you’ll never look back.



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