Back when I was trying to figure out NFTs, I made a wallet with Zerion. Not even directly, I was trying to list to Rarible and they forwarded me to a recommended wallet that basically stores in Zerion. This app is a buggy mess.

There’s no easy way to transfer funds from the app. All it does is tell you to connect to metamask or another wallet but it never goes through. When it finally does from the desktop, it gives a cryptic message of “Go to your wallet and select this transaction.” I kept looking for the transaction in metamask. It meant to select the transaction on the Zerion Wallet, basically to confirm it. It didn’t say that.

Okay, I still haven’t had my frappe but it could have said the word confirm.

I had some Ethereum stuck in there for 2 months that I wanted to sell now that it’s at an All-time-high. The fees were exorbitant of course, relatively low than 2 months ago but still something like 11 dollars. I don’t even care at this point, I just want to sell out all the stuck Ether on my wallets.

Use something else, like Metamask.

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